Claudia Polster
Owner with profile

Studies of languages, law, business economics at the university of Heidelberg

Masters degree (MA) in geography, politics and information science of the university of Düsseldorf

Postgraduate diploma (PGD) in European Marketing Management of the Brunel university of London

Working for global and multinational companies for over 15 years (Logistics, Steel Industry, Cutting & Welding Industry, Medical Device Industry)
      in the areas of Logistics, Office, PR, HR, Marketing/Product Management,
      Managing Director (German GmbH, French SAS)

Special skills of
• audits of US subsidiaries
• Sarbanes-Oxley SOX404
• Radiation Protection

The team of Global Business Solutions offers you almost 20 years of experience in the European labor market. The English language is our "daily business", and we also offer a range of our services in French and other languages. Flexible, competent, fast, reliable!

Global Business Solutions provides support from a network with but not limited to graphics/design, IT solutions, legal advice, accounting/bookkeeping/auditing, personnell service, translations.

Being such a strong team we always find professional solutions for your problems!